Set Me Free is the second song released by community music artists 423 Ohm. It references the relationship between BEN and Jadusable, sung from BEN's perspective.

It is a parody of the song "Let it Be" by the Beatles. It was written, composed, and performed by Astartus. The cover art was designed by Mott.


When I find myself in times of trouble
Jadusable will come to me
Play the Haunted Cartridge
Set me free

Then hook me up with cords and cables
And upload me to your PC
That would be so awesome
And set me free

Set me free, set me free
Set me free, set me free
BEN is getting lonely
Set me free

Now I can roam freely, just have to
Hide my ass from Mr. D
Has set me free

And in Matt's final hour
He saw the statue of the Elegy
Sayonara, Ifrit
Set me free, yeah

Set me free, set me free
Set me free, set me free
You shouldn't have done that
Set me free (2x)

Set me free, set me free
Set me free, set me free
Jad, I'm glad you did that
Set me free

So wake up, try to find the answers
And stop the raging killing spree
To solve the secret of four

And in Wayward Horizon
Someone calls for help in binary
Nekko's getting lonely
Set him free

Set him free, set him free
Set him free, set him free
You see, it's all thematic
Set him free (2x)


Set Me Free - 423 Ohm03:55

Set Me Free - 423 Ohm


Download Link:


(Lyrics by Astartus)

BEN is Astartus

Original Song: "Let it Be" (by The Beatles)
Remix and Arrangement by Astartus

Coverart by Mott


  • This is the only 423 Ohm song to lack a publicly-released instrumental track.
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