Majora is the first arc of an unnamed series by Blue Shift Productions. It follows the story of two investigative reporters and the beginning of their attempts to investigate the mystery surrounding BEN. It is preceded chronologically by the Prequel Arc and followed by Born of the Moon.


Mike and Chase, two investigative journalists, receive a mysterious email with a lead they cannot refuse. The email, from a "Jadusable," directs them to a motel not too far away, where they meet someone who is reluctant to tell them about Jadusable and his disappearance, which involved the "recent" death of a child named Ben.

After tricking the man into telling them more, they flee the hotel for the "apartment complex" they were told to look for, but find a house instead. Inside, they hear strange sounds and investigate them, only to have books thrown at them. After leaving, they return to the motel and make contact with a member of Within Hubris, a forum formed with the purpose of solving the same mystery they face.

Their contact meets with them and begins to explain what they were told before in more detail. He mentions that the original owner of the house, Ben, was not the most recent, and that the last guy to live there, "Ryukaki," also disappeared. They bring the man to Ben's house, where more odd happenings occur and cause him the man to leave. Mike and Chase stay for longer and find a sign written in blood, then are trapped in the garage. They leave the house after escaping, and are almost brought back when the car rolls by itself back into the driveway.

Back at the hotel, they gather their belongings and leave, but notice a man watching their window from a nearby house. They approach him, and find that it is the reluctant man from earlier, but his eyes are now gone and he is bleeding profusely. He speaks calmly and tells them the Moon Children took his eyes, then falls to the ground and cries. Mike calls an ambulance and Chase convinces him to leave the man behind.

Chase returns to his house to find a Nintendo 64 plugged into his TV, and Majora's Mask inside it. The file select screen shows two save files: Joe and YOURTURN. He calls Mike, who does not answer, and leaves messages for him.

Cast and crew


  • Michael Nebistinski as Mike
  • Chase Morret as Chase
  • James Creavey as Jim/Motel Manager
  • Nathan Frawley as Atari Guy
  • BEN as BEN


  • Filmed by Chase Morret
  • Written and directed by Michael Nebistinski


# Title Subtitle Release date
1 PART ONE.wmv The Counter Resets May 26, 2011
2 PART TWO.wmv BEN May 29, 2011
3 PART THREE FIRST HALF.wmv N/A June 3, 2011
4 PART THREE SECOND HALF.wmv N/A June 3, 2011
5 PART FOUR.wmv Your Turn June 4, 2011


  • This is the first original live-action video series to be based on the Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge story.