JohnIsDead is an alternate reality game created by Aye Guy, based on the original Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge ARG. It serves as a prequel and sequel, and introduces a second cult, the Lunar Children.

It has its own wiki, which can be found here.



On January 23, 2015, a new Within Hubris user pointed out the existence of a new website, Soon afterward, the site began changing and several characters were introduced. A new group, the Internet Detectives, formed from Within Hubris and others from outside the community, and became the main players. This arc ended prematurely when its GM, Dawn of a New Day, was forced to step down due to real-life problems.

Dead Arc

In May, the game was handed over to its true GMs, Tyler and John, who served simultaneously as GMs and characters within the game. This arc takes place in the then-present day as opposed to 2009, and follows Tyler's struggle to avoid being captured by an evil cult and uncover the mystery of John's death.

Lunar Children Arc

On November 5, the Internet Detectives discovered the forums owned by the Lunar Children, allowing them limited contact with several members, most notably including Jarilo333, who would later become a guide after his death.

The Truth Arc

In July 2016, many people discovered the return of The Internet Detectives were joined by the Bomber Gang Kids, EyeRG, and several new and returning players for this portion of the game. These groups converged mainly in a newly-formed group called Taskmasters, which became the main center of activity. After a lengthy span of time, the site closed and did not open again for several months. In December, counting down to New Year's Day, the site became active once again, culminating in an event that resulted in the deaths of several antagonists.

Unnamed current arc

Following the discovery of the silentdork YouTube channel and by a large South American audience, the site began changing again.